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NHTLAB Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum

Protein structure of hair versus eyelash and eyebrows might seem similar but there are differences. I all hairs were like hair and those on scalp; we would have to go to our barber – hair dresser every month. There are suppressor hormone differences at eyebrow-eyelash-beard-body, hence the parts other than hair and beard; won’t grow more than a certain extent. In order to grow hair and beard; medical drugs and their derivatives, herbal products are used. These products are applied onto the area where the cells are, where the eyebrow -eyelash- beard - body etc.and then within 1-2 hours absorption takes place and cellular structure will be effected and the effect of the hormone which suppresses the growth, will be reduced hence hair growth on these regions are provided and mentioned growth shall stop at a certain point.

In order to prevent loss of eyebrow and eyelashes; we should protect the follicles against the factors which cause loss of such. NHTLAB Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum with its special formulation, fights many factors which cause loss of eyebrows and eyelashes and aims at normalizing their life cycle and stopping the loss. 

NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM ’s activity on eyebrows and eyelashes can be summarized as follows.

Increases the production of the cells which produce new eyebrows and eyelashes, and supports the formation of new eyebrows and eyelashes,

Increases vitality at cellular level,

Protects the cells for a long time,

Puts off the regular ageing of cells,

Helps the eyebrows and eyelashes strengthen during their anagen phasis

Accelerates the blood circulation at follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes hence supporting their development and nutrition,

Protects the follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes against physical effects,


NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, different from other products for eyebrows and eyelashes , fights against various factors causing loss of eyebrows and eyelashes and helps regulating their life-cycles. 

Quick information relating the active ingredients in the formula are as follows.

Keliwool liquid (Hydrolyzed Keratin):


Keratin is a protein based substance which is present in eyebrows and eyelashes and feeding hairs, makes our eyelash and eyebrows grow as long and strong as before. Also, this substance makes up %80 of a hair.

Peptide Complex : 

PEPTIDE COMPLEX ’s effectiveness and reliability has been proven through 3 clinical studies performed by dermatologists at AMA Labs which is of American origin,and at Symrise, TPI (Therapeutic Peptide Institute) which is of German origin.

Peptides play a vital role in healing of the skin. They are the bonds between the amino acids which are naturally present in body. Amino acids merge and form proteins. Age, environmental factors, smoking, hormones are the factors which cause decrease of these substances. Reduction in peptides cause weakening of the follicles. 

Phyto Cell Tech Malus Domestica (Herbal Stem Cell Culture):

Phyto Cell Tech Malus Domestica is extracted from rare Switzerland Green Apple. This apple species has tissue stem cells which remain alive for a long time. Also, it is proven that it is the most compatible plant root cell to the human hair cells. Mibelle Biochemistry discovered this special active substance and it has been chosen as the best active substance in 2008 in Europe.

this unique and revolutionary substance; increases cell vitality.

It accelerates the formation of new cells.

Protects the cells for a long time,

Puts off the regular ageing of cells,

Makes the skin cells remain active and young for a longer time.

Protects the cells and supports their repair in cases of medical treatment, anemia and stress.

AnaGain (Herbal Stem Cell Culture):

It contains herbal stem cells made of peas(Pisum Sativum) discovered by Switzerland’s Mibelle Biochemistry (Pisum sativum). Mibelle Biochemistry discovered this special active substance and it has been chosen as the best active substance in 2014 in Europe.

This unique active substance goes deep down up to dermal papilla, and keeps the follicles at Anagen phasis for a longer time making it possible for them to remain thicker and stronger. Through the clinical study performed on (age range:26-37)17 Women and 3 Men through 3 months; it is discovered that it provided %78 increase in follicles.

Extends the anagen phasis of the follicles.

It accelerates the formation of new follicles.

Allows thicker hair formation.

It accelerates the formation of new cells.

Protects the cells for a long time,

Protects the cells and supports their repair in cases of medical treatment, anemia and stress.

Puts off the regular ageing of cells,


GDO-free, made of best quality Sweden oat bran, without any chemical additives, obtained through a patented method, water soluble and containing dextrin (amylodextrins) and gluco-oligosaccharides oat beta-glucan fibers. Avenacare, is a gluten free active and its effectiveness has been proven through clinical studies. Its main properties on stressed and sensitive skins are as follows.

Nourishes follicles, help their healthy development.

Protects follicles from external effects.

Avenacare(Oat-Beta-Glukan) penetrates down to dermis and stimulates the collagen bio-synthesis through the mechanism which is attached to nuclear factor-1 hence activates the healing of scars, increases collagen synthesis, creates a protective layer on the skin and moisturizes it,

Protects the skin against harmful UV rays and reduces the inflammation and irritation on stressed skin, significantly.

Protects follicles against stress and medical damages.

Saw Palmetto:

Finasterin-rich content. It is clinically observed that it prevents hair loss and protects the follicles against the toxic effects of hormones.




So as for the NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM penetrate well into follicles and to get most effective results, apply it twice (2 times): once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Do not rinse or wash after application. Can be applied anytime anywhere. But remember not to wash eyebrows and eyelashes for a duration of 5 hours after use. 

NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, is suitable for men and women’s use. Regular use will bring better results for your eyebrows and eyelashes. 

Does it have approval from T.R.Ministry of Health?

Yes, NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, has obtained sales permission from T.R.Ministry of Health.


How long time does it take before i get satisfactory results? 

The duration of time before satisfactory results depends from person to person. However, NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM will give out results in average 15 to 30 days. 3-6 months of regular use is recommended. 

What should i expect? 

NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, when used regularly, helps the development of eyebrow and eyelashes , it supports the development of new and healthy eyebrows and eyelashes. It is observed that 3-6 months of regular use gives out very good results. 




NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, consists of herbal extracts hence both men and women can use it with confidence.

Does NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM effect other body hairs except for hair? 

NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM won’t have any effect on any hairs other than eyebrows and eyelashes. 

Does NHTLAB EYEBROW-EYELASH SERUM have any side effects? 

It has no known side effects.

As a result; NHTLAB Products aim at your finding an effective and quick solution to your problems with eyebrows and eyelashes.


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