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NHTLAB Hair Loss Shampoo

Scalp is where the hair is formed and grown. In order to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hairs, protecting scalp against possible negative outcomes and procuring its needs play a major role. Hair loss is an incidence which occurs when one or more phenomenon effect the scalp negatively. Depending on the phenomenon which occurred; life cycle of the hair starts to deteriorate. 

To prevent hair loss; scalp should be protected against the factors which cause hair loss. NHTLAB SHAMPOO, thanks to its special formulation; fights against many reasons which cause hair loss and aims at normalizing the life cycle of the hair and stop hair loss. NHTLAB Shampoo’s effects on scalp and hair can be summarized as follows.

It supports the growth of new hair by increasing the production of the cells that are located at the follicles.

It livens the vitality of the cells.,

It protects the cells for a long time,

Delays the fundamental cell aging,

It supports the treatment stage after hair transplantation, supports the follicles to root and heal faster,

It regulates the amount of fat on the scalp and on the hair,

It regulates the balance of moisture by preventing humidity loss on the scalp and hair,

It protects the follicles from DHT’s toxic effects, prevents hair loss and strengthens hair during the anagen stage,

It quickens the blood circulation on the scalp and follicles, causing them to feed an develop in a supportive manner,

It protects the hair and follicles from physical and chemical factors,

It increases the elasticity, softness and brightness of the hair, It makes the hair easy to comb and minimize hair fraction, sever or weakening,

By providing nourishment to follicles, it supports new hair growth and development of existing hair,

It helps prevent forming of scurf.


NHTLAB SHAMPOO, helps regulating the life cycle of the hair by fighting many different factors that causes hair loss as a different trait compared to other hair products. In the meanwhile, it applies haircare to middle and end sections of the hair and it will make the hair appear stronger and it will be effective against breakage related hair loss.

Information relating the active ingredients which are present in the formulation, is as follows.

Phyto Cell Tech Malus Domestica (Herbal Stem-cell Culture)

Phyto Cell Tech Malus is obtained from a rare Swedish Green Apple. This apple type has surface stem cells that can live for a very long time. At the same time, it proved that it is the herbal stem-cell that shows the most compliance with human hair cells. This special active that was discovered by Mibelle Biochemistry got the reward of “Best Active of the year in Europe” in 2008.

This unique and revolutionary item; Increases the vitality of the cells.

Speeds up the forming of new cells.

It protects the cells for a long time,

Delays the fundamental cell aging,

It makes sure skin cells can be active and young for a longer period of time.

In medical treatment, anemia and stress related situations, it protects the cells and supports their repair.

AnaGain (Herbal Stem-cell Culture)

Discovered by Sweden Mibelle Biochemistry, it contains stem-cells obtained from Peas (Pisum sativum). This special active that was discovered by Mibelle Biochemistry, in 2014, it received the reward of “Best Active of the Year” reward.

This unique active that goes until Dermal papilla, keeps the hair within the stage of Anagen and makes sure their life span is longer and durable. (Between the ages of 26-37) In a clinical study that was conducted on 17 women and 3 men for 3 months, it has been proved by a clinical report that, it increases the amount of hair by %78 in Anagen stage.

It elongates the Anagen Stage of the hair.

It quickens the process of forming new hair.

It gives them the possibility to be thick stranded.

Speeds up the forming of new cells.

It protects the cells for a long time.

In medical treatment, anemia and stress related situations, it protects the cells and supports their repair.

Delays the fundamental cell aging,



Plantafluid Complex PV1

It provides the need for nourishment for follicles, hair and scalp.

It speeds the blood circulation.

It protects the follicles from DHT’s (Dihydrotestosterone) toxic effects. It prevents the loss of moisture on hair.

By stimulating cells that are responsible for producing hair, it helps to increase making hair.

Herbal extracts that aim for the nourishment, protection and purification of the follicles, is a special herbal complex containing herbal oils and vitamins that can dissolve in water. (3 Vitamin, 11 Herbal Extract) It invigorates the scalp.

It mollifies the skin. It prevents the hair from being electrified. It helps the hair to be combed easily. It protects the hair from breakdowns and severance. It helps regulate the fat balance.

By inhibiting 5 alpha reductas enzymes, it regulates the secretion of sebum. It strengthens and repairs the solid state plate


Without genetically modified organisms, from the best quality Swedish oat bran, acquired without any chemical mixing with a patented method, dissolving in water and also contains dextrine and gluco-oligosaccharide it was prepared with beta-glucan oat bran. Avenacare does not in include gluten and its activity has been proven by clinical studies as an active that helps stressed and sensitive skin as one of it main properties.

In the depths of the skin, Avenacare which penetrates until the dermis (Oat-Beta-Glucan), by stimulating collagen bio-synthesis with the method of nuclear factor-1 at the dermal fibroblast on the humans, helps heal the wounds, increases the amount of collagen synthesis, forms a protective film over it to protect it and makes it moist,

It protects the skin from harmful UV-rays and decreases the inflammation and irritation of the stressed skin by a meaningful ratio, appeasing the skin.

Against stress and medical damages, it protects hair and scalp.

It increases the elasticity and packing density of the skin, moists it and supports the natural cure activity of the skin.

Saw Palmetto:

It is rich in terms of finasterine. It has been monitored clinically that it decreases hair loss and speeds new hair growth.

It protects the follicles from DHT’s (Dihydrotestosterone) toxic effects.

It helps preventing hair loss which is caused by DHT’s (Dihydrotestosterone).

Saw Palmetto, unlike other compounds that show similar effects, has no harmful effects

In clinical studies where other chemical compounds that show similar effects to Saw Palmetto are compared to it, Saw Palmetto Extract took its place as an alternative active substance in modern medicine.

Having no side effects increases the reason of it being chosen.



Sweden grape seed extract and Natural Tocopherol includes vitamin E. It’s a strong antioxidant. By creating a film plate on top of the hair and scalp, it aims to protect against physical reasons.

In clinical studies;

It will protect the hair and scalp from external effects such as Paint, Blow Dryer, tongs etc.

It protects from factors similar to UV rays, Sea water, Air pollution etc.

It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Against stress and medical damages, it protects hair and scalp.




After hair transplantation, what kind of benefits would NHTLAB SHAMPOO have ?

    In our day, hair transplantation is way more advanced compared to old ways and clinics and doctors are way more experienced to do this operation, so those who wish to transplant hair, aside from hair transplantation operations, are more worried about what would happen after the stage of hair transplantation. 

If we separate hair transplantation operations into two, these are; 


1- Stage of adherence of the hair after the transplantation,

2- Stage after the hair transplantation, when most of the hair is lost and come out again afterwards, 


The things that will happen after the hair transplantation have a major importance for the result of the operation and the life comfort of the patient. Graft take duration of the follicles can take a range of time up to 5-7 days. Within this duration, most important criteria for the transplanted hair to attach, making sure follicles are immobile and the scalp is kept away from environmental polluting, this has a major importance for this application to succeed. 

NHTLAB SHAMPOO is formulized in such a way that, after hair transplantation operation, provides necessary maintenance, repair and hygiene, increases life comfort and support the health treatment of the process.


After hair transplantation, during the process of treatment, how often NHTLAB SHAMPOOR should be used?

To get best results, NHTLAB SHAMPOO should be used regularly and continuously for at least 1 year. It can be used continuously if desired. It plays a really important role on strengthening the hair and follicles and it has no side effects.

How should NHTLAB SHAMPOO be used?

NHTLAB shampoo is a high concentration product. Before every wash, the can must be shaked and used afterwards, in continuation take a far amount of NHTLAB shampoo into your palm and spread it. Apply it on your hair which you bathed before in a manner which it can reach all regions. With your fingertips, do a slight friction (massage) and make sure it can reach all your hair and scalp. Make sure the shampoo waits 5 minutes on your hair and rinse it very well. It is advised to apply the shampoo twice in every bath. Doing the process of waiting at the second application will be enough. Having an at least 5 minutes waiting time will make sure that all these active compounds can penetrate your hair and your scalp better and makes sure you can get the best results from NHTLAB Shampoo. 

NHTLAB Shampoo is formulized appropriately to all hair types (dry, oily, normal and after transplantation). It is appropriate for daily use. In very dry hair, it is advised to use hair cream after washing it.

Is there a aside effect of the Shampoo against Hair Loss?

NHTLAB SHAMPOO contents do not include any hormone or anti-hormone and there fore it has no systemic side effects. It doesnt cause hairing in the other parts of the body. It can be used by both women and men safely. 

Is it approved by R.o.T Ministry of Health ?

Yes, NHTLAB SHAMPOO has gained the approval to sell from R.o.T Ministry of Health.

Should i continue using NHTLAB SHAMPOO after hair loss stops and new hair development begins? 

For both men and women, hair loss is usually a genetic and a hormonal situation. Since it is impossible to change your genetic structure that would cause hair loss, even after reaching wanted effect, you have to keep using NHTLAB products. However, as maintenance treatment, using it 3-4 times a week can make sure the results will be permanent.

When can i reach satisfying results? 

The time that is needed to reach satisfying results might vary from one person to another, depending on the size of the region where hair loss occurs and for how long you had this condition. With this, to reach satisfying results, using NHTLAB SHAMPOO for 10-12 months regularly is advised. Furthermore, by using NHTLAB SHAMPOO, it is possible to grow new hair on people who has been having hair loss problem for more than 10 years.


What kind of process would occur at the region where the hair grows and there was hair loss? 

First lost hair grows last and last lost hair grows first. For this force of rule, open regions start to grow from outside towards the center..

How long will it take for my hair to grow? 

Elongation of newly grown hair, with follicles going deep down with their roots, it occurs dermal. After the first month, newly grown hair appear as baby strands (vellus) on the scalp; they have light colour, they are thin and lifeless. These strands get thicker over time, earn their colour and turn into normal strands. After this stage, hair can grow 1-1.5cms in average per month.

Is it normal to have an increase in hair loss after a few weeks using NHTLAB SHAMPOO? 

With some individuals, a few weeks after using NHTLAB SHAMPOO, there can be an increase in hair loss. This is not because the lost hair increases in amount, it is because the hair that went into the process of hair loss abandon the scalp just before the NHTLAB SHAMPOO treatment. Reason of this, pre-anagen phase on those follicles, also known as the phase before production, have started and new hair is being produced under the skin and the previous lost hair is being pushed to abandon the scalp. This event is called “shedding” and it proves that NHTLAB SHAMPOO have started new and healthy hair production on its follicles. In this stage, individual should keep using NHTLAB SHAMPOO. In the upcoming weeks, fast hair loss will get slower and help health hair to be formed.

May i disrupt the treatment for 1-2 days? 

Disrupting the treatment for 1-2 days will not change the way treatment is advancing. However this should be repeated very often. If you disrupt the treatment for 1-2 days, do not use more shampoo than what you use on a daily basis.


When NHTLAB SHAMPOO is used regularly, it helps preventing hair loss and supports new and healthy hair to grow. Before using NHTLAB SHAMPOO, strands which are in the process of falling will continue their falling in the first weeks of using NHTLAB SHAMPOO. In this situation, one should not panic and stop using NHTLAB SHAMPOO. Because we can find these strands similar to leaves that dry in autumn but still remain on the leaves, however fall down with a strong wind or rain. 

Lost hair in the first several weeks are the hair that are already in the process of falling before using NHTLAB SHAMPOO. These will abandon the scalp no matter what you do. What is important here is that, in place of these, healthy hair will come and new hair loss will not occur.

During the development of the hair, from the first month after the baby strands are being formed, new hair growth and thickening on thin strands is observed. For the new baby strands to be visible to the eye, there should be at least 2 months, because hair follicles that have been waned first grow towards inside with its root and then strands start to grow outside the scalp and become visible In the process that occurs later, it will get thicker and will have the appearance of hair that can elongate healthily.

Can everyone use NHTLAB SHAMPOO? 

NHTLAB SHAMPOO can be used by everyone safely because it is made of herbal extracts. Please consult your physician for children that are below the age of 5. 

Will NHTLAB SHAMPOO effect other strands on the body other than hair? 

Genetical and physiologic structure of the strands on the hair and any other place on the body is different. For this reason, NHTLAB SHAMPOO will not have any effect on any hair that is not on the hair. 

Are there any side effects to NHTLAB SHAMPOO? 

NHTLAB SHAMPOO, since it inhibits DHT hormone at the root of the hair, it has no hormonal or systemic side effect. All compounds in its contents are natural and herbal. NHTLAB SHAMPOO does not have compounds similar to Finasterid, Minoxidil, Asiasari Radix, Paraben, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) with known side effects. Efficiency and safety of NHTLAB SHAMPOO has been proven by clinic studies.


On which regions of the head NHTLAB SHAMPOO is efficient? 

Differently from most other products, NHTLAB SHAMPOO is efficient both on top of the head (vertex) and frontal regions such as forehead headline where there is withdrawal, forehead inputs and temporals. Which means, it is effective on any region where androgenetic alopecia might occur.

Is NHTLAB SHAMPOO effective against scuff and oil on hair? 

NHTLAB SHAMPOO, shampoo which is against hair loss, supports preventing scuff and excessive oiling on scalp from using it at day one.

 Is there a relationship between hair loss and hair oiling? 

DHT Hormone that causes hair loss is also responsible from excessive anointment at the same time. Therefore, it is possible that for some individuals, hair loss and excessive anointment can be seen together.

Does NHTLAB SHAMPOO make new hair grow? 

No shampoo can claim that it starts production of new hair. For a product to have hair growing capability, active compounds should be absorbed from the skin and wait on it long enough for it. 

Hair washing process only takes a few minutes. This time is not enough for those compounds to be absorbed completely. Furthermore, active compounds within standard shampoos, due to their structures, are not fitting for absorption. 

However, NHTLAB Shampoo, with its herbal stem-cell content and strong formulation, it has a very strong absorbtion rate and this property helps avoiding light hair loss. Furthermore, it cleans the scalp with hair very cleanly, prevents scuff and gives the appropriate environment for healthy hair to grow.

How many strands to lose per day can be considered as normal? 

Amount of hair that is being lost varies from person to another. For this reason, it wouldnt be right to give a number. Hair is lost in their healthy life cycles as a normal occasion and new ones are grown instead. For this reason, there is no such thing as no hair loss. In order to be able to talk about the problem of hair loss, lost hair should not be replaced by new ones or new hair should be thin, colorless and lifeless. 

Easiest way to understand whether you have hair loss or not, is to apply the pull test. From different locations of your hair, when you lightly pull your hair 8-10 times, if you feel pain and total amount of hair is merely 2-3, you have no problems of hair loss.

However, if it comes easily to your hand, this might indicate a hair loss problem. Spotting the area where the hair comes easily is also vital for diagnosis. In hair loss with men, it usually happens at the area of temporals and top region, there is no hair loss on the back of the neck and over the ear.

As a result  if the amount of shedded hair is above 100-150, precautions should be taken immediately because there is a problem of hair shedding. In order to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hairs, scalp should be protected against possible negative outcomes and its needs must be met.

NHTLAB SHAMPOO aims to oversee the needs of hair and scalp. It is your best helper in this stage.

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