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NHTLAB Hair Multi-Vitamin

Hairs form and develop in scalp. To be able to prevent hair loss and for the hair remains healthy; it plays an important role to protect scalp against the negative conditions which may arise and meet its needs.

NHTLAB Tablet with its special formulation, fights many factors which cause hair loss and aims at normalizing life cycle of hair and stopping the hair loss. Efficiency of NHTLAB Tablet on hair and scalp briefly is as follows:

Increases the production of the cells which are found in hair follicles and produce new hairs, and supports the formation of new hairs,

Supports hair transplantation after treatment process, helps hair follicles to take hold and improve rapidly.

Protects hair follicles against toxic effects of DHT, stops hair loss and helps hairs to get stronger in anagen phase,

Accelerates the blood circulation at scalp and hair follicles hence supporting their development and nutrition,

Helps regeneration of skin tissue. (Plastic surgery, hair transplantation etc.) 

Makes the nails stronger.

NHTLAB TABLET, differently from other products for hair, fights against various factors causing hair loss and helps regulating life-cycles of hairs. Thanks to probiotics existing in its formulation, regulates digestive system and makes absorption easier.


Quick information relating the active ingredients in the formula are as follows.

Saw Palmetto:

Finasterin-rich content. It is clinically observed that it reduces hair loss and accelerates new hair formation.

Protects hair follicles against toxic effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Helps to protect hair loss resulting from DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Saw Palmetto has no harmful side effects just like the other materials showing the same effect.

Horsetail Extract: Silica existing in horsetail plant, both decelerates hair loss in women and men, and motivates new hair follicles to grow. Increases blood circulation and motives hair growing. Amino acids and phytosterols existing in horsetail plant, both reduces oil accumulation on scalp and provides to get hair follicles stronger.


GDO-free, made of best quality Sweden oat bran, without any chemical additives, obtained through a patented method, water soluble and containing dextrin (amylodextrins) and gluco-oligosaccharides oat beta-glucan fibers. Avenacare, is a gluten free active and its effectiveness has been proven through clinical studies. Its main properties on stressed and sensitive skins are as follows.

Avenacare(Oat-Beta-Glukan) penetrates down to dermis and stimulates the collagen bio-synthesis through the mechanism which is attached to nuclear factor-1 hence activates the healing of scars, increases collagen synthesis, creates a protective layer on the skin and moisturizes it,

Protects the skin against harmful UV rays and reduces the inflammation and irritation on stressed skin, significantly.

Protects hair and scalp against stress and medical damages.

Increases flexibility and tightness of skin, moistens the skin, supports natural treatment activity of the skin.

Probiotic: Helps to regulate digestive system and accelerates absorption. Supports to get immune system stronger.

Keratin: Our hair consists of 5-10% pigment, mineral and lipids, 10-15% water and 80% keratin which is a protein resistant to breakage and tears. Keratin which forms our nails too, is formed by consecutive order of amino acids. Thanks to keratin, hair has a strong structure even if it is thin. Makes hair follicles stronger. Increases hair flexibility and provides them to remain healthy.

Biotin: Lack of biotin affects negatively the skin, nails and hairs. Biotin support improvement of hair follicles and helps them to grow healthily.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a Vitamin B derivative having an important role in formation and development of blood cells and especially nerve system tissues.  It takes charge in DNA formation which is building block of our genetic code. It plays an important role in nutrition and healthy development of hair and nails.

Ginseng:Ginseng is a useful material for health and it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. 

Ginseng is an anti-apoptotic which increases proliferation of dermal papilla cells. 

It increases micro circulation (blood flow) velocity of scalp. Thus, it prevents hair loss, supports to protect health of hair follicles and cells.

Ginseng is a stimulant for hair and supports quick growth. 

Qenzym -Q 10: Cells use CoQ10 to provide the necessary energy to grow and stay healthy, also to protect against harmful chemicals called free radicals. By strengthening the immune system, it supports the treatment process and repair and maintenance of skin texture after surgical (hair transplantation, plastic surgery, etc.) operation.

Golden Millet Extract: Yellow Millet; takes its contribution of the hair growth from omega3-6 which is a survival value for hair.  It strengthens the hair roots while grafting the needed strength to hair with many vitamin, mineral and iron.


Why Should I Use the Tablet Against Hair Loss? 

NHTLAB TABLETS Against Hair Loss is a natural supplement that activates hair follicles so as to help hair follicles to produce more healthy, thick and barbas having right restructure. It contains natural substances that our body needs to produce healthy hair of hair follicles survived the hormonal stress with the use of NHTLAB TABLET.  These natural ingredients are essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and various herbal essences.  It helps to shorten the duration of treatment by increasing the efficiency of the hair loss treatment when used regularly.


It is used 2 times a day as in the morning and evening. It is ordered to be taken on a full stomach and not to be used with medical drugs. Please consult to your doctor for pregnant women and nursing mother’s use. It is not suitable for children’s use.

Is There Any Side Effects of NHTLAB TABLET? 

There is not any hormone or anti-hormone included in NHTLAB TABLET‘s contents and whereat it has no systemic side effects. It does not cause hairiness in other parts of the body.  It can be used safely by both men and women.  But it not recommended for use by pregnant women or nursing mothers.


Does NHTLAB TABLET Cause to Gain Weight? 

NHTLAB TABLET certainly does not cause to gain weight.  Also, there is no side effects.  It can be used safely.

Are NHTLAB TABLET Products Certified from T.R. The Ministry of Health? 

Yes, NHTLAB EYELASH EYEBROW SERUM, has obtained sales permission from T.R.Ministry of Health.

Should I Continue to Use NHTLAB TABLET after my hair stop losing New Hair Growth started? 

Male and female pattern hair loss is genetic or hormonal case.  The first one year is very important in the treatment process. It is necessary to use the product regularly in this process.

Since you cannot change your genetic makeup and your hormones causing hair loss, you should use the NHTLAB TABLET after you reach the desired effect.  However, it may be sufficient for permanence of the results to use the tablet for 2-3 days a week as maintenance therapy. 

How long time does it take before i get satisfactory results? 

The time required for satisfactory results varies from person to person, depending on the size of the part experienced hair loss and how long your hair had been losing.  However, to reach satisfactory results, NHTLAB TABLET is recommended to use regularly for 10-12 months on average. 

How The Process of Recovering of The Parts Experienced Hair Loss Occurs? 

Latest lost hair grows first, first lost hair grows last.  According to this rule, opened areas start to fill from the outside to the center.

How Long Does It Take To Grow My Hair? 

Growing of new hair takes place under the skin due to the follicles first go down deep into the skin with their roots.  After the first month, the new hair is shown as baby hair (vellus); they are light-colored, thin and limp.  These hairs thicken with time, gain color and return to normal hair.  After this stage, hair grow between 1 - 1.5 inches on average in a month.

Is it normal to have an increase in hair loss for the first few weeks when using NHTLAB TABLET? 

In some individual, an increase may occur in hair loss for the first few weeks of NHTLAB TABLET usage. This is not because of an increase in the number of hair lost, but because hairs entered into shedding process leave the scalp before starting to NHTLAB TABLET treatment. The reason for this is that “pre-anagen” phase, namely pre-production phase, has started in that hair follicles and hairs entered into shedding process are pushed and they leave the scalp because of new hair formation. This event is called as “shedding” and indicates that NHTLAB TABLET treatment initiated new and health hair production in hair follicles. In this process, it is necessary to continue to use NHTLAB TABLE. In the upcoming weeks, hair loss slows down and helps the formation of healthy hairs.

Can I make limp in treatment for 1-2 days? 

Making limp in treatment for 1-2 days will not change the course of treatment. However, it should not be repeated frequently. If you make limp in treatment for 1-2 days, do not use more Tablet than you use normally for the purpose of recover.

What should I expect? 

In case NHTLAB TABLET products are used regularly, they help for preventing hair loss, support new and healthy hair formation.

Hairs already entered into shedding process before starting to use NHTLAB TABLET, will continue to fall in the first few weeks of NHTLAB TABLET usage. In this situation, you should not stop to use NHTLAB TABLET by getting into panic. These hairs have resemblance to dry leaves which are dried in autumn, continue to remain in branches, however fall through a strong wind or rain. Just as these leaves are dried in autumn but they remain in branches; hairs fall in the first few weeks are the hairs which entered into shedding process but not leave from scalp yet before the usage of NHTLAB TABLET. They will leave the scalp in any case. Important thing is that new health hairs will replace and new loss won’t be formed.

Starting from the first month, new hair formation and thickness in thinned hairs are observed with the formation of baby hairs in hair development. 2 months are needed for newly formed baby hairs to be visible, because hair follicles which became smaller with the hormonal effect develop inwards together with the root first and then they become visible by extending outward from scalp. In next process, they thickened and shaped as a growing healthy hair.

NHTLAB TABLET should be used regularly and continuously for the best result.

Does NHTLAB TABLET effect other body hairs except for hair? 

Genetic and physiologic structure of the other body hairs are different from hair. Thus, NHTLAB TABLET products have no effect on the other hairs other than hair. 

Can also women use NHTLAB TABLET? 

Both men and women can use safely NHTLAB TABLET, serum and shampoo.

Does NHTLAB TABLET usage reduce the sexual derive? 

NHTLAB TABLET shows no systemic hormonal side effects. Thus, it doesn’t cause lack of sexual drive. 

On which parts of head, NHTLAB TABLET is effective? 

Differently from many other products, NHTLAB TABLET is effective on vertex of head and forehead hairline in which regression occurs, sides of forehead and anterior region such as temporal. Namely, it is effective in all regions that Androgenetic Alopecia can occur.


Why Should I Use the Tablet Against Hair Loss? 

Because, NHTLAB TABLET is a natural product having known effective actives, which is developed against hair loss occurred by genetic ground and hormonal effects (androgenetic alopecia). 

Does the Tablet create new hairs? 

Any tablet cannot claim to start new hair development. However, clinically-worked extracts existing in NHTLAB Tablet support natural hair formation on hair and scalp.

I’m using a different tablet now, can I use NHTLAB TABLET too? 

There is no harm to use different products when using NHTLAB TABLET. But, it is enough to use NHTLAB TABLET only. Usage of other products can cause undesirable side effects and may not give results as successful as NHTLAB TABLET.

I had a hair transplantation. Can I use NHTLAB TABLET? 

NHTLAB TABLET prepares the necessary environment for healthy hair development. Thus, usage of NHTLAB TABLET supports your treatment in terms of health and power of hair and scalp after hair transplantation.

I’m observing thinning and abiotrophy in my hair. What can I do for this? 

You can use NHTLAB TABLET, serum and shampoo.

What is male pattern shedding, dihydrotestosterone (dht)? 

DHT is a strong form of testosterones, namely androgen.  Even if it has many useful tasks in the body, it has harmful effects on hair follicle cells of men and women who are genetically close to hair loss. DHT pressurizes these hair follicle cells and causes them to stop hair production. As a result of this, baldness occurs. NHTLAB tablet protects hair follicles against toxical effects of DHT, stops hair loss and helps hairs to get stronger in anagen phase.

Consequently NHTLAB TABLET;

NHTLAB Tablet with its special formulation, fights many factors which cause hair loss and aims at normalizing life cycle of hair and stopping the hair loss.


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